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Customer Testimonials 2011

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I must say that, www.russianflora.com, are an excellent choice for any flowers or gifts to be delivered within Russia. I have had a few bad experiences in the past trying to send things to friends or family in Russia but www.russianflora.com have always been first rate. They commuincate every step of the way and notify when my gift or flowers has been received. It is just a very well run and organised business and one that you can trust to do the right thing.
Sam K. (Hearst, Canada)
December 20, 2011
These folks remembered me from last year, and reminded me of an anniversary. They contacted me several times to be certain about a complex order, to a difficult address in Romania. Delivery was made on time, charges were "as agreed." I wil use them at every opportunity.
Nicolas P. (Bridgeport, CT, USA)
November 19, 2011
I recently placed an order with www.flowerstoukraine.com/www.russianflora.com for delivery to my friend (Elena) in Ukraine. I have nothing but positive comments to make about all the staff who dealt with my order from the day the order was placed until the day the order was completed. The communication was first class, the quality of the flowers was first class, the digital photo emailed to me was of good quality. Sadly, the video of the delivery was not shot, but that was only due to the recipient declining the video shoot (she is a shy lady!) :o) I would thoroughly recommend flowerstoukraine/russianflora to anybody around the World who were thinking of sending flowers to friends or loved ones in Ukraine or Russia. If there was to be a negative comment, it would only be the prices are very high compared to other websites i have used in the past, but i was more than happy to pay for the excellent all round service on this occasion.
Alexis C. (Trappes, France)
October 22, 2011
Very professional contact and very effective. Delivered the right day at the right adress. thanks a lot
Sebastien S. (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
September 14, 2011
Really a professional company, delivery arrangement very good. Although the recipient was not available at the time I wanted she to receive the flowers, they contacted her and it was not a problem to deliver later for 3 days when she was available, nor extra payment was requested. Keeping up to date the customer with useful information regarding the delivery status using at least daily e-mail messages is also a good point.
Valeriy V. (Prague, Czech Republic)
May 21, 2011
Used this service for the first time, great individual service, and the flowers were exactly like the picture I ordered them from.
Rene T. (Nantes, France)
May 15, 2011
I have long searched for a service that checks the address of a lady in Russia. I wanted to make sure that the lady is real and not a dating scammer is. Here I found a service that verifies the address, presented a gift and take a picture as proof. A super service. My order was processed within a day. This is very fast. And very often I have received an information about the status of my order. This is very good. An excellent service. Highly recommended. You have tried everything. Sorry, wrong address is not the lady. The also gave me a different address. There seems to be a scammer. Thank you. You have saved me from a greater financial loss. I am very grateful for that! Hello all People, before their pay expensive tickets for unknown ladies, use this service! This service is serious and secure! The amount for the photo I got back without any problems. There was no picture to be made. Thank you dear team www.russianflora.com
Michael V. (Middletown, OH , USA)
April 27, 2011
I was desperate looking for a site that could deliver a present to Israel during Passover...Fortunately, I found this site and I could make a nice gift to a special person. Thank you so much
Cindy H. (San Francisco , CA, USA)
April 20, 2011
Russianflora.com is a magnificent web, with a lot of variety and with perfect results. I am tremendously satisfied by the service and invite all who have there a dear being that they do his gifts using this web.
Alberto G. (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
March 25, 2011
Todo perfecto, sin complicaciones y con total garantia. La satisfaccion esta garantizada. Lo recomiendo sin duda.
Javier J. (Barcelona, Spain)
January 15, 2011